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How I find Cross Site Script in THE HINDU website

I felt happy when I found the Cross Site Script vulnerability in the hindu newspaper website which is the most leading newspaper in India.It my pleasure that I helped them as a White Hat Web Application Security Researcher. This is my First Finding.                                                                About The Hindu The Hindu  is an  English-language   Indian  daily newspaper. Headquartered at  Chennai ,  The Hindu  was published weekly when it was launched in 1878, and started publishing daily in 1889. It is the second  most circulated English-language newspaper in India , with average qualifying sales of 1.45 million copies as of Jan−Jun 2016. [4]   The Hindu  has its largest base of  circulation  in southern India, and is the most widely read English daily newspaper in  Andhra Pradesh ,  Tamil Nadu  and  Kerala ,  Telangana ,  Karnataka . It is my Honor that I helped The Hindu. Here is a Proof of Concept of Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in